Welcome to MUSEHOUSE International Music School! If you are looking for music lessons for all age categories which you or your child can truly enjoy then keep on reading.


We will teach you how to sing, play guitar, piano, violin, drums, saxophone and other instuments.


The ultimate goal of MUSEHOUSE International Music School based in Prague is to make music journey easier and thus more likely to be enjoyable and truly beneficial by delivering the highest teaching standards with maximum comfort. Besides the classic music lesson form, we provide professional lectures delivered straight into your home whenever it is most convenient for you. It is also possible to customize the lecture duration and structure to your personal needs as well as the whole teaching plan.

Every single one of our lectors is a currently performing professional musician, perfectly suitable for an absolute beginner as well as for our rather experienced clients. Our teachers currently perform life in jazz clubs, on rock festivals or even in musical theatres and Philharmonie, so whatever your interests might be you can sure enjoy some kind of their performance live.

All of our teachers are perfectly able to adapt their lectures to clients personal needs and style, whatever music genre that can be. You can forget all about endless boring music lectures at your local music school, with us you will find yourself excited to learn more and actually enjoying the lecture. Our lectures as well provide preparation for music conservatories and academies entrance examination if needed.

In Musehouse music school, we are able to adapt any song to your personal music level, so you can practice your music skills on songs from your favorite author. And if you´re interested to become a musician but you don´t have an idea which musical instrument you should choose, don´t worry, we got you covered. We provide free guidance through instrument choosing process so you can choose an instrument that will match you perfectly.

Even if you aim to further express your creativity by composing your own song, we are happy to hear that and most importantly happy to help you compose your own song, which will make an amazing Christmas gift or birthday present. We are offering individual music lessons according to your needs, in 45, 60 or 90-minute durations or even private collective lessons. In our collective lessons you are able to learn how to be part of a band, so you´ll be even perfectly able to set up your own. All the lectures take place in a modern fully equipped music studios.

If you would love to play an instrument, but you do not seem to find time for music lessons in your busy schedule, we can easily solve your problem with our skype music lessons, that way you´ll be able to join the lecture whenever you´ll need and from whenever you´ll need.

In the case you have decided to join our music school and be part of our satisfied clients, there are even live performances waiting for your participation in Prague music halls such as Jazz Dock, musical theatre Kolowrat, or Školská Gallery 28 from which you will receive an audio and video record on DVD.
Last but not least of the things that await you there is our team of lectors that will always try their best to inspire and motivate you throughout your studies.
Just keep in mind that it is never too late to or too early to start with music, so do not let your doubts discourage you and in case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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