Teaching staff

Our priority is to provide lessons under the guidance of the best pedagogues in the field solely. Our lectors are not only highly educated musicians, but they are also able to adapt and work with a wide range of clients of all ages. The professional experience of our teaching staff in the musical education sphere is something we pay high attention to, so we can guarantee the highest quality of musical education. We are constantly looking for the best lectors and expanding our team, so the list of the lectors available may differ in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Nikita Krein


Nikita was born in 1989, has 11 years of experience in guitar playing and is the founder of the Musehouse International Music School. At the age of 9, he started playing the guitar and at the age of 18 he graduated from the State Music Conservatory at the Belarusian Academy of Music, then continued his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the class of prof. Š. Rak, where he successfully completed his Master's degree in 2015. Nikita Krein is a laureate of twelve international and national guitar competitions and frequently participates in international guitar festivals in the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and the USA. He performs solo as well as a member of various ensembles, is often invited as a guest on radio and television programs about classical music and lastly but not least is also a pedagogue and composer. He is also one of the founding members of The Unlimited Trio, with which he has released two albums and has played more than 100 concerts in Belarus, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia. Nikita speaks four languages, including English, Czech, French, and Russian.

Markéta Janoušková


Markéta has been playing the violin for 6 years and has more than 7 years of teaching experience. She has successfully completed her studies at the Prague Conservatoires in the class of prof. J. Foltina in 2013 and then she received a Bachelor's degree at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where she studied in the class of prof. I. Štraus and P. Šporcl. She has also earned a Master's degree in Violin at HfM Hanns Eisler in Berlin. Markéta Janoušková is a laureate of many international awards from musical competitions such as Concertino Praga, Kocian Violin Competition, Cirenie Talents - International Violin Competition, Prague Junior Note, International Violin Competition in Dubai and Anglo-Czechoslovak Trust Competition. Among other things, she is the finalist of the prestigious WHC 2012 competition and has played more than 600 concerts not only in the Czech Republic but also in other European countries, in the UAE and North and South America. Besides classical music, Markéta is also interested in Czech folk music and collaborates with Jiří Janoušek’s Cimbalom FolkloreClassic, a project between clasic and folk music. Markéta is fluent in Czech, English and German.

Jana Rybníčková


Jana was born in 1992 and has been practising singing since her childhood. She graduated at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague in the field of dance/singing/ acting and has experience with singing and vocal singing teaching at the International Conservatory in Prague. She is the finalist of the Voice of Czechoslovakia contest and you can see and listen to her for example in the musical "Musical or the Way to Happiness". In 2018, Jana released her debut album "Up In The Air", preceded by cooperation with, for example, Darina Rolins, Helen Vondráčková or Leoš Mareš. Jana speaks Czech and English.

Richard Pekárek


Richard Pekárek started his elementary studies in Jihlava. In 2010 he began to study in the Conservatory in Prague and the Jaroslav Ježek Secondary School of Music in the field of Musical Dramatic Arts - Musical focus. Here, after 6 years of study, in 2016, he successfully graduated. At the Conservatory, Richard even attended the workshops with Jozef Bednárik. Together with his classmates, he performed in Broadway full-length performances full of musicals (2011, directed by Libor Vaculík) and Chorus Line (2013-2015, directed by Denisa Nová) at the Broadway Theater. During his studies at the Conservatory, he started to act as a guest in musical productions at the theatre of the J.K.Tyl Theater in Pilsen (among others, in the musical Awakening of Spring which won the Thalia Award for 2015). Richard is still performing in this theatre till the present day. From 2016 he performs as well at the Hybernia Theater in Prague. Since 2017 he has performed at the Fidlovačka Theater and since 2018 also at the Mamma Mia Musical Congress Center. Since January 2019, he has played the major role in the musical "Hair" at the Kalich Theater. Richard speaks English and Czech.

Šimon Marek


Šimon was born in 1991 in Prague. At the age of 6, he began his Cello studies under the guidance of Professor Jan Vychytil at the Music School of the City of Prague and later at Jan Neruda’s Grammar School with a musical focus. Since 2003 to 2006 he continued his studies supervised by Mirko and Martin Škamp. In 2006 he became a student of Jan Keller at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague, where he successfully graduated. In addition to the Cello, he studied composing for two years assisted by Professor Karel Růžička. In 2014 he was accepted to studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he is now a student of a cellist Mikael Ericsson. So far he has gained a lot of experience not only in classical music but also in other musical genres. As a violoncellist he cooperates with prominent musicians, producers or groupings (eg: A. Langerová, D. Rolins, E. Farna, D. Deyl, T. Savka, H. Zagorová, Raduza, M. Janová, V. Noid Bárta, B Basiková, O. Soukup, D. Hádl, K. Marek, T. Liška, M. Horáček, La Alma - L. Šoralová, Voila - Z. Trvalcová, E. Ptáčková - Walsh, Zrní Orchestra - Česká Sinfonietta Radek Baborak), Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra, South Czech Philharmonic, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Berg and others).

In addition to the Unique Quartet, he performs also with Quintessence Quartet and De Facto. Šimon speaks Czech and English.

M.Mus Luis Larroa

Music Producer, Composer & Fusion Guitarist

Luis Larroa has international music studies in conservatories and music academies in (Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatan), Mexico, (Taller de Musics), Barcelona, Spain &(Jam, École régionale de musique jazz & musiques actuelles) Montpellier, France. Obtained his bachelor in
Composition and a master’s degree in music production. With more than 10 years of pedagogic experience designing and using a wide diverse range of methods to play any genre, style or song, from classical, fusion, worldwide, modern acoustic or electric guitar. With his guitar formations the student can have a customise learning process. The artist gained good popularity with his album debut “Electro Flamenco”, a new music trend born in the city of Prague. The artist has collaborated with labels, music libraries, famous artists and singers from all over the world. His lessons are available for all levels and ages. With the possibility to learn in French, Spanish, Czech, Russian.

Ilia Chernoklinov


Ilia was born in 1991 in Kaliningrad, Russia. He started playing the violin and viola at the age of 7. At the age of 18, he graduated from the National Music College at the Belarusian Academy of Music (class of Prof. L. Lastows) and then continued in his music education at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the class of prof. J. Pěruška, where he is currently completing his master degree programme. Ilia Chernoklinov is the laureate of 6 international competitions in Russia, Belarus and Moldova. From 2006 to 2009 he worked as a concertmaster of the viola section of the orchestra of the National Music College and the orchestra "CEI Youth Orchestra" with whom he performed in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Belgium, Serbia, Romania, in England and Bahrain. Since 2011 he has been the concertmaster of the violin section of the BERG band. He is a member of the progressive rock band The Unlimited Trio, with which he released a  debut album in 2011 under the Great Wind Records label in France and a member of the Quintessence Quartet. He participates regularly in various musical projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. Ilia speaks Russian, Czech, and English.

Tatiana Pernetová


Tatiana began her musical education at the age of 6 and has continued her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in Piano and Organ fields and participated in international organ focused courses in Germany, Slovakia, Russia, and other countries. She started her pedagogical practice in 2015 in St. Petersburg and since 2016 she teaches in Prague. Tatiana's musical achievements include, for example, 2nd place in the "The young organ player" competition and 3rd place in Leoš Janáček's competition. She regularly participates in world-famous festivals and competitions and acts both as a soloist, chamber musician and as an accompanist. Tatiana speaks Spanish, Russian, Czech and English.

Aliaksandr Yasinski


Aliaksandr was born in 1989 in Baranovichi, Belarus. He is accordionist, composer and pedagogue. He was attending music lessons at the State Music Conservatory at the Belarusian Academy of Music (Prof. M. Buly) and at the Belarusian Academy of Music (Prof. M. Buly and P. Vandilovsky). Since 2011 he continued in his musical career in Prague, where he is currently studying at the Prague Conservatory in the field of accordion and composition. Aliaksandr Yasinski is a laureate and diplomate of national and international competitions (2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012). In his work he experiments with different styles and genres, ranging from the repertoire of world accordion classics and avant-garde to electronic music, jazz, French chanson, and rock. He also appeared as a member of various ensembles in countries like Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, South Korea, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, and Croatia. In 2007 he represented Belarus at the International Festival in Josu (South Korea). In 2008 he performed as a soloist accompanied by the State Chamber Orchestra of Belarus at the Grand Hall of the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra. He also performed with the chamber orchestra Gradus Ad Parnassum. In 2009 he completed master classes at prof. V. A. Semenova. Aliaksandr is the founder and member of The Unlimited Trio, with which he released a debut album in 2011 under the Great Wind Records label in France. He is actively involved in various musical projects in the Czech Republic and abroad, foremost he is an active pedagogue. Aliaksandr speaks Russian, Czech, and English.

Barbora Rothová


Barbora Roth was born in 1997 in Ostrov nad Ohří. At the age of 9, she began playing acoustic guitar and devoted herself to various genres such as folk, pop, and jazz. From 12 years old she attended lessons of classical guitar at Josef Kanta in Pilsen. In 2012 she successfully passed the entrance examination at the Conservatory in Pardubice, where she studied at prof. Petr Saidl and prof. Anne Hron. From 2018 he is a student of HAMU in the class of prof. Petr Saidl and prof. Pavel Steidl. She also annually attends master classes at guitar festivals such as Zoran Dukić, Oman Kaminski, Paolo Pegorara, Stefan Viol, Adrian del Sala, Lorenzo Micheli, Paul Galbraith, Gabriel Bianca, and others. She participated in seminars with H.Smithem (Vienna), C.Domeniconim (Prague), R.Lislevand, P.Steidl, A.Ourkouzonov, T.Hoppstock, P.O'Dett, and du Maccari-Pugliese. In 2011 she won the 3rd place in the PRAGuitarra Clássica competition in II category, in the following year she won 2nd prize in the 3rd category and also moved to 1st category finals of 19th International Finals of the Kutná Hora Interpretation Guitar Competition. In the guitar duo together with Jana Saidlova they won the 2nd prize at the International Guitar Competition "L. Luthier Contest 2016 "in Bratislava. Barbora speaks Czech.

Michal Škoda


Michal was born in 1989 and began playing the drums at an early age. In 2011 he graduated from Zvolen Conservatory and then successfully graduated at  Jaroslav Jezek High School in jazz drums in 2013. He has many years of experience in teaching drums, since 2007 he has taught at Yamaha Primary School, then since 2008 at ZUŠ Polomka and others. Michal speaks English and German.

Milena Šolcová


Milena Šolcová was born in 1997 and since 2012 she has been studying guitar play at the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava and n 2018 she graduated from the Conservatory of Pardubice. Milena has plenty of experience with teaching The classical guitar at the art schools. Since 2016 she has been working at the primary art school in Odry and then at Přelouč primary School. She has won several prestigious awards in guitar competitions and has repeatedly occupied leading positions in both, domestic and international music competitions. For example, she won the International final competition with master classes in Kutná Hora, or she was second in the Bratislava guitar competition 2018. During her studies, she took part in many master classes of leading guitar artists, such as Petr Saidl, Zoran Dukić and Michal Nagy. Milena speaks English and German.

Adéla Čuříková


Adéla was born on August 9th, 1998 and has several years of experience as a private Violin teacher. She started her studies at the ZUŠ Liberec in the Violin section and is currently studying 4th year of the Prague Conservatory. From a very early age, she participated in musical competitions in solo, chamber and orchestral play. From the age of 10 to 15 she was a member of the Europea International Orchestra, with which she performed beside other countries in Germany, Poland, France, and Italy. She has been involved in the international project Camenius for two years and she is currently a member of the Czech Student Philharmonic Orchestra. Adéla speaks fluent English and Czech.

Jan Kalesnikovich


Jan was born in 1984 in Pinsk, Belarus. He became the first graduate in the history of Belarus, who studied the lute at Music School of I. I. Sollertinsky. He continued to educate himself at Prague Conservatory, where he studied the guitar (prof. Petr Paulu class) and graduated with honours in 2011. He studied the baroque lute at Academy of Old Music in Brno, Czech Republic, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2012. Jan Kalesnikovich is a versatile musician, who interprets old music on the replicas of historical musical instruments. Jan performs mainly solo with the German baroque repertoire. He took part in master-classes, that was organized by Axel Volf, Brian Rite and Paul Beyer. Jan took as well a class of Valery Zhivalevsky, the composer and guitarist from Belarus. Jan speaks Russian, Czech and German.

Danijel Radanović


Danijel began playing the cello at the age of 6, and at the age of 14, he continued to further grow his musical skills with the double bass. He graduated from primary and secondary music school in Zagreb and after graduation continued his studies at the Prague Conservatory, which he successfully graduated in 2015 with prof. George Valenty. Danijel is currently studying a master's degree programme at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the class of prof. Jiří Hudec. He has also won several prestigious musical competitions, such as the Lions Club - Grand Prix (2011), the 1st prize at the HDGPP in Croatia (2012) and the 2nd prize at the Papandopulo competition in Zagreb (2018). His orchestral experience was gained in the orchestral academy at PKF - Prague Philharmonia (2014-2016) and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra (2017 - 2019), with which he participated in several major tours such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, England and other European countries. Currently, besides his studies, he is also a guest player at PKF - Prague Philharmonia and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Danijel speaks Czech and English.

Martina Mihulková


Martina was born in 1992 and graduated at the Prague Conservatory in 2014. After studying in Prague in the flute and Jazz Singing field she continued in her studies in London at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Martina has also rich experience in flute teaching at home and abroad. Her work experience includes, for example, teaching flute and orchestral section and conducting workshops in London, teaching flute at the international music schools in Prague, or teaching at the Art School in Vlašim. Last but not least, Martina is an active concert musician with orchestral practice in London, Germany and in the Czech Republic. She is also a finalist and scholar of many international competitions and grants. Martina Speaks Czech and English.

Katarína Kožúriková 


Katarína Kožúriková began learning violin at the age of six. She was a student of Ivan Sadloň at the Art school in Púchov. During her studies, she excelled at Violin competition in Kremnica or at Ivan Balla’s violin competition in Orava. She continued her studies at J.M. Hurban’s Conservatory in Žilina with Mgr. art. Zuzana Guttenová ArtD. Currently, she has been studying under the guidance of prof. Jindřich Pazdera at the Prague Conservatory where she also plays with Prague Conservatory’s Symphonic orchestra. In 2016 The Chamber orchestra of Prague Conservatory won the Concerto Bohemia radio contest. In 2017 the orchestra also attended music festival FIMU in Belfort France. She regularly attends Prof. Otakar Ševčík International summer courses for the young violinist in Písek with prof. Jindřich Pazdera and MgA. Jan Drha.

Štěpán Drtina


Was born in 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic. He started his studies at the age of 6. After the graduating from Prague Conservatory (Renata Strasrybkova class), Stepan went to Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (professor Michal Kanka class), where he got a bachelor's degree in 2012 and now has a master’s degree from Miroslav Petras class. Stepan Drtina is a participant of the numerous competitions, like Prague Junior Note, International Cello contest in Linz, Austria (2004, 2008), International contest Beethovens Hradec (2005, 2008),  B. Martin Fund Contest (2012). Stepan was a participant of Miroslav Zicha, Jiri Barta, Dmitry Ferstman, Anner Bylsma, Volfgan Betcher and Rudolf Gleisner master-classes. The cellist regularly takes part in assembly concerts such as Quasi Quintet and Quartet of Pavel Borzkovec, the BERG Orchestra of Prague, Talich chamber orchestra, Gustav Maler Youth Orchestra, Prague Modern etc. Štěpán speaks Czech and English.

Kiryl Tseliapniou


Kiryl Tseliapniou was born in 1991 and attended the Music College in Minsk. In 2015 he graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory. (title BcA.)  in 2018 he graduated his master degree programme on HAMU in Prague(class of Prof. V. Mares and J. Hlaváč). Kiryl is a laureate of many international competitions and a scholarship of a special presidential fund for the support of talented young people in Belarus. He performed with the Orchestra of the Minsk Philharmonic Orchestra, the Belarusian Symphony Radio Orchestra and PKF-Prague Philharmonic. From 2015 he is a member of the Berg orchestra. Kiryl has a 5 years teaching experience(Music School in Saint-Petersburg, Musehouse International Music School). Kiryl speaks Russian, Czech and English.

Kateřina Vaňková


Kateřina Vaňková was born in 1990 in Nymburk. At the age of 5 she started playing the recorder and later she began to play the flute. In 2009 she graduated at Grammar school Bohumil Hrabal in Nymburk and she was admitted to study at the Prague Conservatory to class of prof. Jan Ostrý. During her studies she took part in many competitions and international interpreting courses. She won the most important prize at the Flautiada in Bratislava, where she won the 1st prize in his category and the title of absolute winner. She holds certificates from interpreting courses by Philippe Bernold, Hansgeorg Schmeiser, Philippe Boucly, Michel Moragues, Robert Wolf, Nathalie Rozat and Vicens Prats. In 2013 she began her studies at the University of Hradec Králové, where she graduated from a semester foreign study stay in Lithuania at Kaunas University of Technology - Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Besides regular concert activities in Czech republic and abroad, she has been teaching 8 years in Sázava, Čáslav and Poděbrady Music Schools. She teaches in Czech and English. She plays at the Japanese instrument - Muramatsu.

Jana Saidlová 


Jana was born in 1996 in Pardubice. She started playing the guitar at the age of 7 with her father Petr Saidl and the Primary School of Fine Arts in Havlíčkův Městec in Pardubice in the class of Miloš Šíra. At this time she has participated twice in the nationwide guitar competition of Elementary music schools. After graduating successfully, she continued her studies at the Conservatory in Pardubice in the class of prof. Petr Saidl and prof. Anne Hron. During her studies, she has visited many masterclasses of classical guitarists such as Marco Socías, Thomas Offerman, G. Reichenbach, Jens Wagner, Michal Nagy, Martin Schwarz and others. She also participated in seminars with H. Smith, C. Domeniconi, Paul O'Dett, R. Lislevand, P. Steidl, duke Maccari-Pugliese, A. Ourkouzonov. She represented the school at concerts as well as in competitions - for example, in 2013 she won 2nd prize in the Contests of the Conservatoires and the Music Grammar School. In the guitar duo, together with Barbora Roth she won 2nd place at the L. Luthier International Guitar Competition Bratislava. After graduating from the Conservatory, she was admitted to HAMU in Prague. She has participated on a guitar class at a private music school in Čeperky, where she has been teaching for 4 years. In 2015 she became a member of the international guitar organizing team in Kutna Hora.

Kateryna Vatchenko


Kateryna was born in 1991 and graduated from the Donetsk Academy of Music and the National Academy of Music of Ukraine in the field of Clairvoyance. She is currently studying at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. Kateryna has a strong experience in group and individual music teaching since 2013 she has been a piano teacher at elementary art school. Katarina was also a member of the orchestra and speaks Russian, Czech, Ukrainian and English.