Instruments avaliable


The guitar is one of the most popular and universal instruments of our time. You can take it with you while travelling, entertain your family or you can as well perform in a concert hall. It is an ideal instrument for a wide music style range, doesn´t matter if you like Ed Sheeran or classical music.

Electric guitar

The electric guitar is best suited for jazz, blues, metal or rock music. With this instrument, you can master solos from your favourite songs, or set up your own rock band. On top of all that you can learn how to play with a pick, tapping style, or fingerstyle.


Piano always was and still is one of the most popular instruments out there. With the piano, you can support vocal singing or play songs of your favourite authors as well as classical music. Last but not least piano is an ideal musical instrument for free improvisation or movie soundtracks.

If you´re aiming to master one of the musical instruments, but you are always demotivated to do so when you imagine how long it will take to be able to play decently, the piano is an instrument for you! On piano, you´ll be able to play really impressive music in a relatively short time which will for sure motivate you for your further study.


Pop / Opera singing

Pop and opera vocal singing is the main field combining both, opera and pop music together. Do you want to sign up for a talent show, or just sing to yourself? Our lectors will help you to choose whatever music style is the most suitable for you and then you can start to fully develop your skills. We believe that everybody can sing like Frank Sinatra, Karel Gott or Amy Winehouse if they really want to.


Jazz... Sting... Kenny G... If you´ve recognized at least a single one of these names, the saxophone is the right instrument for you. It is stylish, portable and it can easily induce a romantic atmosphere. You can hardly find anyone who wouldn´t love saxophone or at least it´s sound.


Violin is the heart of every orchestra and we cannot even imagine a single orchestra without it. The basis of the violin repertoire consists of work of J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, B. Martinů and others. Violin is one of the most popular academical music instruments, but at the same time, you can play on it melodies of your favourite songs, soundtracks or latest pop music.


There is none orchestra or string quartet able to function properly without viola. The deep sound of this musical instrument will be most appealing for those of you who like some calming music as well as for example rock. The main benefit of the viola is the fact that there is no musical style that wouldn´t be suitable for this instrument


Cello is pleasing not only for your ears but also for your eyes. It has perfect sound and design and there is a lot of ways how it can be used. It is a solo instrument as well as an ensemble or orchestra one. On cello, you can play either classical music or for example covers of the latest music hits. Cello studies are slightly difficult, but the results are definitely worth it. As you can hear for yourself while listening to the most popular cello bands which are for example Apocalyptica and 2Cellos.

Double bass

If you like country, folk songs or orchestral music, double bass can be the right instrument for you. Once you are able to play the double bass you can even easily set up your very own band with just one more musician!


You can choose either classic drums or the electronic type. With electronic drums, you´ll be able to practise even if you live in a flat and you don´t want to disturb your neighbours or family. If you are a fan of rock music or metal, we can teach you the best solos and riffs from your favourite songs. You´ll be able to compose your own rhythms which will come in handy once you´ll decide you want your own band.

Flute / Recorder

The recorder is most frequently chosen by complete beginners. For beginnings, this is a perfect instrument choice. Studies of recorder play consist of notes and rhythm studies as well as of playing folk music and songs of your own preference. It is a very popular instrument even for collective music lessons. After mastering a recorder you can decide if you want to continue with a flute, clarinet or saxophone.


Clarinet is solo and also an orchestral instrument. Playing the clarinet is taught in all conservatories and music universities, that is why our lessons of the clarinet are perfect as a preparation for a further study on conservatory or music academy.

Bass guitar

If you want to be a genial bass guitarist as Victor Wooten is, or you are planning on setting up your own band, do not hesitate and sign up for our bass guitar lessons and we will help you achieve your goals!

You can choose between 4,5 or 6 string variant of this instrument and under the guidance of our experienced lectors you can choose your personal style and you can start with your bass guitar studies. You can play your favourite grooves, learn how to play slap technique and also how to perfectly complete any music band.


Classical music, folk music, French chanson, support of vocal singing ... these are just a few ways how you can use an accordion. This music instrument with a pretty rich history can be found also in a button version. It is perfect for solo and ensemble playing and also it has a wide dynamic range of tones. With accordion you can have your audience amazed, crying or jumping out of joy.


If you like renaissance or baroque, the lute is the perfect instrument for you which can further support your interests in these eras. It is a very exclusive instrument and there are not many lute lectors to be found. Playing the lute is perfect for church or even just to accompany J.Dowland´s songs.


Do you hear your children humming some of their own melodies all the time? We can help them grow their talent to its full potential. With our experienced lector guidance, your child can turn his ideas in his very own musical composition.

If you have at least a single drop of talent and you want to compose an exclusive and personal gift for your loved ones, we are happy to help you. With our lectors, you can even record your own composition in a professional music studio and your gift is wrapped and ready!

Musical theory

Musical science, song analysis, counterpoint, music history etc. ... Our musehouse team is here to help you if you are at the very beginning or even if you just want to revise the music knowledge you’ve already gained.

Preparation for entrance examinations

Our lectors are able to compile a teaching plan tailored specifically to your needs and align it with conservatory or music university of your interest. We provide even powerpoint presentation for our students for easy access to all the information at home. Foreign students are able to study in their native language or they can study in Czech and improve in the Czech language as a benefit.